Judah Temple AME Zion Church Development

Team MHG believes that its mission in this development initiative is to expand on Judah Temple’s active adults, some of the State of Maryland’s most capable student population and create the most welcoming, comprehensive and flexible residences and healthcare facilities available. Team MHG shares JTAZC’s vision of creating a development strategy that connects the generations while creating a community designed to accommodate a healthy, Christian lifestyle today, tomorrow and beyond.

Immediate Objectives

The acute project objectives will be, in addition to the creation of a Christian guided and designed planned community unique to any other development in the County, but also, a contribution in workforce/employment enhancement for the life-cycle of the project.

Moreover, along with the JTAZC owners, Team MHG will bring about immediate changes for the Community in new lifestyle opportunities but also, a heightened profile for the Faith Contributor at the center of this endeavor, Judah Temple AME Zion Church. Finally, the building/facilities created will produce improved technical skills and knowledge, increased income-generating capacities, and greater public awareness at the community, national, regional or international levels.

The requisite steps at this juncture is to reconvene with JTAZC leadership to collect additional data that allow for Team MHG to advance the architectural concepts associated with JTAZC’s vision. Thereafter, Team MHG will need to have the business owner to provide the Team with a Notice To Proceed allowing the Team to employ its standard implementation procedures.

Long-term Objectives

Deploying industry best practices at each stage of the Design and Build process, Team MHG will ultimately endeavor to deliver on the various aspects expressed within a twenty-year contract lifespan. Team MHG has created a very high-level rendition of what might occur, by project completion phase, during this period of performance.